29.08 – 01.09


Simone Antonioni

(Verlag – GER)


Simone Antonioni is a Berlin-based artist who releases electronic music, publishes art material and performs live. Simone is the founder of the community oriented label Verlag (verlag.bandcamp.com), a platform for music curation and multidisciplinary projects with a focus on sound, literature and fashion. In the last two year Simone focused their work on composition and sound design for performance and film. Their involvement in TRAUMA BAR UND KINO led to participation in some extensive collaborative work, such as commissioned music for Catalogue of Disguise’s ALOW (2020-2022) and Encaje for Ten by choreographer Judith Sanchez (2021). Both commissions are rooted within genres which Simone works with best: Techno and Experimental Electronic Music. As a DJ, Simone plays techno flavored with new-wave, noise and popular music.Their peculiar style comes from the combination of different aesthetic encounters in research, and an intention towards intensity, diversity and pressure in dance. Their DJ performances are available online, like the Retreat Radio Mixtape or Sisyphos DJ set. The sound is characterized by an eerie, mysterious and hypnotic atmosphere, which is also noticeable in Solipsism / Charité, released in 2020 on Verlag. During October of the same year, the artist gave a 4 hours live public performance Loss ~ Sauda in ACUD Galerie with the alias UnfoldedMemories, which features all original ambient music. From 2015-18, before embarking on their solo and collaborative projects, Simone was part of the music duo Evil Twin, whose music has been featured in XLR8R, Kaltblut, FoF and CoS. The duo in 2018 released a record and published an artist book named “The Myth of Sisyphos”, inspired by the classical greek myth. 




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