29.08 – 01.09


The International Nothing

(Ftarri – DE)


Kai Fagaschinski | clarinet, composition
Michael Thieke | clarinet, composition

Kai Fagaschinski and Michael Thieke started working together as a clarinet duo in 2000. After improvising for some time in a mainly quiet and noise-based style, they became bored with that and turned their thoughts in new directions to find the delicate pleasures one might not associate with clarinet duos.

In 2003 they shifted their project towards the composition of pieces focusing on tone material. In a kind of pipe-organ style they are merging the two clarinets into one complex sound, which often sounds like more than two voices, through the comforts that multiphonics and difference tones offer. The pieces have a warm and slowed down quality and might be associated with electronic music.

The two clarinetists always develop their compositions together. Their way of composing can be described as “empirical”. The music doesn’t begin from the mind of one musician, but relies instead on the ears of both, and on the long collective process of trying, failing, changing and developing ideas during numerous rehearsals until a piece is brought into its final shape.

Their debut album mainstream was released in 2006 by the Japanese Ftarri Label. As well as five duo pieces, there are two pieces with guests: one song with Margareth Kammerer (voice & guitar) and one quartet piece with Christian Weber and Derek Shirley (both on double bass). Another track is a remix with additional vocals by Christof Kurzmann.

From the fruitful collaborations with Margareth Kammerer and Christof Kurzmann, in 2005 an independent quartet was formed. Under the name The Magic I.D. they concentrate on experimental song forms with very unique and charming results. The quartet released two critically acclaimed albums and toured in a couple of European countries.




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