29.08 – 01.09


Angela Anzi & Tintin Patrone

(DE - CH)

dispari showcase

Friday, Saturday

dispari invites artists Angela Anzi and Tintin Patrone to debut a very first collaborative, improvisational and metamorphic work, conceived together with Nguyen Phuong-Dan who is behind dispari – a label and platform for all kinds of auditive publications and performances at various places.

Swiss artist Angela Anzi’s practice is characterized by a multimodal approach and an analytical interest in the genuine expressiveness of material. In her sculptures, performances and installations, she overturns traditional conceptions that arise from shapes and materials, resulting in unusual sensory impressions.

German-Filipino sound and performance artist Tintin Patrone explores the interconnections between sound, art and other experimental forms of expression. Her creative work revolves around the visual aspects of music and the ways in which personal and societal connections are established with it. By involving herself with technology such as robots or artificial intelligence, she challenges established notions of human subjectivity and physical presence.

Both artists create sounds in different ways. While Angela Anzi generates them with subwoofers, self-made ceramic objects or any kind of everyday materials in choreographed action sequences, Tintin Patrone plays an amplified trombone whose sounds she gradually layers, loops and removes.

Exclusively based on sound material generated, recorded and modified on location, their work refers equally to means of musical improvisation, gestures of performance art and strategies of sculpture – with the idea of interweaving, confronting and questioning disciplinary approaches. Over the course of two days, their appearance changes its state and texture, varying between concert, performance and sound installation.





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Curated by Filter