Tropa Macaca

(Trilogy Tapes, Software, Wasser Bassin, Siltbreeze - POR)


The music of Tropa Macaca is the fruit of a subjectivity of a couple.
To love is to experiment, to problematize. To love is to see, to talk and to make, but loving is something you make among those three, in the interstice or in the disjunction of the seeing, the talking and the making. The singular and specific love, as opposed to the universal one, belongs to the domain of the wild, rejected by knowledge and power to the margins, so much so that science can’t recognize it. Death’s enigma in life.
Tropa Macaca is André Abel (guitar) and Joana da Conceição (synth & electronics), based out of Lisbon and publicly active for a decade now. Their new record Vida will be out soon on The Trilogy Tapes, having had past vinyl phonograms published by creative music labels Ruby Red, Qbico, Siltbreeze and Software.

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