Wolfgang Delnui

In collaboration with Ostbelgienfestival & Ikob


Concert program:

  1. Delnui: New Work, for Overtone singer and electronic
  2. “I’ve been fascinated by the abilities of overtone singer Wolfgang Saus for years.
    By using very special singing techniques he opens up his voice and he makes audible what’s happening inside of sound.

    Electronics are being used like an acoustic magnifying glass in order to increase the audibility of these phenomena. Furthermore, it allows a polyphonic musical structure by piling up different layers of the voice`s sounds.”
    Flute: Anne Davids
    Voice: Wolfgang Saus
    Electronic: Centre Henri Pousseur

  3. Delnui: Momente. Klang, Stille. (2011), for flute and electronic


Wolfgang Delnui (*1977, Aachen, Germany)

Wolfgang Delnui studied eurhythmics at the Institut de Rythmique Jaques Dalcroze de Belgique in Brussels. He then studied composition under Robert HP Platz and Music in Education at Maastricht Conservatory (The Netherlands).

His works have been performed in festivals such as Ars Musica (Brussels), Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Amsterdam), Ostbelgienfestival (Eupen) and Saint-Petersburg International New Music Festival reMusik.

Besides his activities as a composer he also works as a music teacher.


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