DJ Klakke

(Knotwilg, Kraak - BE)


DJ Klakke is the alter ego of Johan Loones.  Founder of the labels Toothpick (1995-1997) and Kraak (1997-2015).  After leaving Kraak he founded Knotwilg Records in 2015. Releases such as Sandoz Lab Technicians  (nz), Noel Meek (NZ), Gangalai & Gourabai (B), Weird Dust (B), Kanker Kommando (B) display a diversity in styles which you can find back in his dj-sets.  A Dj-set which is a celebration to the abbreviation of “disc jockey”, and that’s exactly what he does… Spinning records disregarding all hypes and trends, just choosing nice tunes.  Time and place is everything.  Hence his credo “no requests, no refunds”.

Could be a party, could be a deep-listening experience, or a mixture of both.  No mp3/usb sticks in the sleeves.  Mainly vinyl.  A style ranging from contemporary classical to sleazy disco, from postpunk to techno, from Wave to field recordings, from obscure dubpunk to psychfolk. Anything goes, enjoy the trip.

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