DJ Zipo

Dublab special

(Auf Abwegen - GER)

DJ Zipo [aufabwegen] plays a set of ambient/field recording/noise collages. Activities have included DJ sets at European concert tours with Aube, Troum, Marc Behrens and Asmus Tietchens as well as regular nights in Cologne and Muenster and sets at special events & international festivals.
DJ Zipo is Till Kniola, who runs the aufabwegen label and mailorder, curates sound events in Cologne and at festivals and who regularily writes about music and sound. He is the artistic director of Geraeuschwelten Festival in Münster, Germany that is co-produced with the National Radio WDR 3.
He collaborates closely with German electronic music pioneer Asmus Tietchens, publishing the first comprehensive monography about the composer’s work as well as maintaining the website.