DSR Lines

(Ultra Eczema, JJ Funhouse, Sic Sic - BE)


David edren has been creating electronic sounds as DSR Lines for almost 2 decades, laying out liquifying modular synth stunners as audible acupuncture sessions. Edren keeps his sounds tactly understated and fully improvising explores his scientific aesthetics with delicacy and restrain. In 2012 he co-started the Hare Akedod label, an imprint for electro acoustic improv music.
Edren recently recorded at the renowned EMS studio in Stockholm resulting in “Analogie van de Dageraad” a full LP that saw the light of day in january 2016. Other DSR Lines releases include another full LP on Ultra Eczema (be) and cassettes on Lal Lal Lal (fin), Jj Funhouse (be) & Sic Sic (de). In the next months new material will be released on Lieven Moana’s Edicoes CN, Carpi Records, Troglosound (it) and Social Harmony (be).

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