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rRoxymore’s music is an intriguing, one-off blend of contrasting textures – organic and synthetic, icy and warm – a fresh step in dance music. Real name Hermione Frank, the French musician and producer has a long history making music in various ways, with various people, before settling in Berlin and concentrating on the solo project that refines it all.
As rRoxymore, she released her epic 10-minute debut “Wheel of Fortune” in the summer of 2012 – half of split a 12” with Planningtorock on the latter’s own Human Level label. Human Level also provided the outlet for rRoxymore’s first EP, Precarious/Precious, the following year. The four tracks combined nervous grooves, bewitching cosmic synths, twisted snippets of acoustic instruments and other intriguing sounds. Live, rRoxymore creates rhythms and sounds with energetic rawness merging with a stirring psychedelia, taking you into a new world.
With her reputation now intact, Frank quickly found new friends and allies in the vast musical landscape of Berlin. Regular sets (both live and DJ) at local favorites like About Blank and Berghain accompanied gigs all over Europe and jaunts to further reaches. Recognized as an artist with future-oriented ideas in a musical capital, she has been presented abroad as part of the Berlin Current initiative – presented by CTM Festival, Berghain, Boiler Room Berlin, The Quietus and others.
2015 saw the release of Decon/Recon #1 – her collaborative project with Paula Temple, Oni Ayhun (Olof Dreijer from The Kife’s solo project) and Aquarian Jugs (that’s Planningtorock under a different name) – and their subsequent tour of Mexico, organized by Germany’s worldwide cultural institution the Goethe-Institut. She also released her second solo EP of more polished grooves, Tautologies, at the end of 2015, via Macro, the label operated by Stefan Goldmann Hard Wax’s Finn Johannsen.




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