Frank Dommert & Volker Zander

“Cologne Continuum” reihe-M DJ-Set



For the first edition of Meakusma Festival 2016, reiheM has been invited to present artists and musical projects associated with the electroacoustic and electronic music scenes and spheres in Cologne. Adapting and paraphrasing Moondog’s “Overtone Continuum”, Frank Dommert and Volker Zander will kick off the reiheM stage with a mix of past and present recordings that inform reiheM’s diverse musical interests.
reiheM is a public, artist-led concert series for experimental music in Cologne. Recognizing a growing local need to connect with other scenes, the series was started in 2009 by a collective of artists and musicians in conversation with the city’s cultural administrations, with the intention to include outstanding local and international performers in different fields of contemporary music. Now in its 8th year, reiheM arranges about 10 site-specific concerts, lectures, film screenings, and other sonic events per year. In the recent past, reiheM has been able to present eminent works of artists like Leo Kupper, Charlemagne Palestine, Arthur Russell Ensemble, Moondog, Jerry Hunt, Éliane Radigue, Terre Thaemlitz, Matt Wand, Chris Petit & Mordant Music, Luke Fowler, Kassel Jaeger, Emeka Ogboh, and many others. reiheM is artistically directed by Frank Dommert, hans w koch, Dirk Specht, and Volker Zander.
For over 20 years Frank Dommert has been part of the internationally renowned A-Musik record store in Cologne. In addition to starting and running the record labels “Entenpfuhl” and “Sonig”, Frank Dommert is also known for being a profound organizer of historical-critical bike tours in- and outside of Cologne’s city limits.
Volker Zander (Cologne)
is a musician, writer, producer, and publisher based in Cologne. He joined the curatorial team of reiheM in 2015. He has run Apparent Extent, a label for artist records, since 2005.

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