(Dispari, Futura Resistenza, Golden Pudel – GER)


Phuong-Dan studied Cultural Anthropology and Photography and also is a renowned DJ based in Hamburg, Germany.
For over a decade now he is both resident and host at legendary St. Pauli under- ground venue Golden Pudel Club.
Since over ten years he runs the club-night Gatto Musculoso, with guests like italian pioneer Beppe Loda, Veronica Vasicka of the Minimal Wave label, Daniel Wang, Vladimir Ivkovic, Tolouse Low Trax, Ani- ka, Lovefingers, Alexis Le-
Tan, Vidal Benjamin, Sean Canty or Ron Morelli. This list is far from complete but does describe the personal taste of Phuong-Dan and so the musical range of his DJ sets. He is spinning an unique eclectic mix from contemporary underground techno, minimal synth, post-punk, new pop and ebm, the electronic side of krautrock, and rare disco, to flashy left field experimental stuff – he couldn’t care less for narrow minded ones who restrict themselves to a certain genre or a specific decade, he is exploring the whole world of music on search for the groove of the night.

©Katja Ruge
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