(EM Records, Nous Disques, Goat - JP)

Carte Blanche to Lena Willikens


YPY is a solo project by an Osaka-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Koshiro Hino. Hino plays a central role in the four-piece minimalist instrumental band Goat, and a hardcore induced percussive outfit Bonanzas, as well as operating his own cassette tape label birdFriend. Without being confined to a certain genre, his unruly outputs encompass wide variety of styles, often with a particular focus on percussive elements, from dance floor friendly techno and house tracks to much headier and noisier experimental excursions. After self-releasing works from his own birdFriend label, his first EP “Visions” was released from Berlin-based Nous Disques in 2015, followed by his debut full-length “Zurhyrethm” in June 2016 from EM Records from Osaka, then another LP “2020” from UK’s Where To Now? label in February 2017. All while he keeps himself busy initiating and composing large scale ensemble pieces such as Virginal Variations (2016) and Geist (2018), working and touring internationally with Stefan Schneider as a duo HINOSCH, he manages to maintain his own universe as YPY to express himself in extremely unique and highly improvisational live sets using cassette tapes.


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