Roger 23 & Dman

(No Suit, Ilian Tape, 800trak, Source - GER)


Roger 23 & Dman Playing live together for the first time ever, Roger 23 and Dman breathe house and electronic music history.
Roger 23 has been carving out his own particular club music niche since 1998 with releases on a variety of labels. In recent years his productions show an ever-expanding interest in ambient and experimental music. Too often defined as music for cognoscenti, his productional work stands far from hypes and provides its own informed definition.
Dman used to run the legendary Hd800 club in Mannheim, Germany, a catalyst for electronic club music in the south of Germany. He also started the 800trak record label. Them playing together live is a celebration of a longstanding friendship and a dive into the experimental fringes of house and techno music.


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