(Hey Rec, Pingipung - AT)

Heyrec and Hey ø Hansen started in the 80ies with a 60ies 70ies style rocksteady band in alpine Innsbruck/Tirol. Then they moved to Berlin in the nineties and passed the electronica age without much damage to themselves. now they make the conclusion and fly into AUSTRODUB future. You never know exactly what will happen next and you are allowed to dance.
Hey ø Hansen, Berlins #1 most charming austro-alpine dub band is running the small record label ‘heyrec’ and has been making music for years everywhere from big clubs to small theatres constantly remixing improvised electronics & sing along dub chansons. Hey ø Hansen combine the strong moments of genuine hand made and unpredictable live performance with the relaxing freedoms and laidbackness of electronic music.