Maika Garnica & Aiko Devriendt

(Sui moon – BE)

Maika and Aiko met in 2017. They use their respective backgrounds to support each other’s artistic practice. Maika is a visual artist who has made a series of ‘Sound Objects’ for OORtreders 2018: music instruments made of clay with which she explores the tension between the body, sound and environment, independently of tonality and traditional instrument theory. Aiko’s technical knowhow and musical background enable the duo to explore the sound spectrum of each ceramic object. They convert this by instinct and intuition into atmospheric, almost dreamlike performances with abstract figures and flowing forms and colours of sound.
Maika Garnica is a sculptor who explores the relationship between the artist, viewer and space. She makes installations for specific contexts. The nature of her work is constantly shifting, from sculpture to sound object to utilitarian item. She tries to find new forms of communication through her work.
Aiko Devriendt is a musician who investigates the sound of objects and music. He has studied music therapy and composition, and works as a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer for the theatre, dance, film and installations. He is also a pianist for groups including Boogie Belgique.