29.08 – 01.09


Roger Robinson & Disrupt

(Jahtari, Hyperdub, Ninja Tune - UK/GER)

Wax Treatment guest showcase


Roger is a Trinidadian writer and musician who has lived in London for 20 years. He has performed worldwide and is an experienced workshop leader and lecturer on poetry. His one-man shows are: The Shadow Boxer, Letter from My Father’s Brother, and Prohibition. He was chosen by Decibel as one of 50 writers who have influenced the black-British writing canon. His workshops have been a part of a  shortlist for the Gulbenkian Prize for Museums and Galleries and were also a part of the Webby Award winning Barbican’s Can I Have A Word. He has toured internationally with the British Council and is a co-founder of both Spoke Lab and the international writing collective Malika’s Kitchen.

His solo music album Illclectica was released in 2004 on Altered Vibes and was named by Mojo Magazine as number eight in the top ten electronic albums for that year. Robinson is a founding member of the band King Midas Sound whose critically acclaimed debut album ‘Waiting for You’ was released on Hyperdub Records. He is currently touring and recording with King Midas Sound, working on some new exciting collaborations and a new band project called Horsedreamer which will be released in June 2015 on Beating Drum Records.

On Dis Side Ah Town

One night in 2011 King Midas Sound’s Roger Robinson returned to Brixton from touring and inadvertently walked into the centre of the London riots. Through the flames and smoke he felt compelled to tell the stories of the people he saw rioting on the street that night.

With disrupt’s dub soundtrack highlighting the triumphs and tribulations in the lives of the people of Brixton, the album unfolds like a documentary film, extending from the epicenter of the riots and rippling out from there.

Roger showcases all his poetry and singing styles over the sonic tower blocks and underground caverns of disrupt’s dub soundscapes, evoking the golden era of dub poetry of the likes of Prince Far I, Big Youth and Linton Kwesi Johnson – a time when dub poetry made you dance in the club but also made you think on the way home.

Done with lots of voltage, old school samplers, DIY synths, home made delays, dictaphones and even onboard computer mics this gritty disc will take you straight to Brixton’s streets.




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